Fleece – FAQ

Last modified: June 21, 2019

Fleece – FAQ




FAQ – Fleece


Where does Fleece come from?

Fleece is a synthetic fabric made from polyester fibers. This polyester fiber has many advantages and as a result makes fleece a popular choice for blankets, clothing and many other uses.  It had some disadvantaged but its modification in recent years has removed them. As a result, for many applications, fleece in more admirable and preferred than wool.

Fleece fabric is commonly known to make blankets, workout clothes, sweatshirts, outdoor clothing, jackets, scarves, hats, and other fashionable attire.

Fleece has many other qualities as listed below:

  • Highly breathable
  • Very Soft
  • Low cost
  • Easy to care for
  • Durable
  • Dries quickly
  • It retains insulating powers
  • Have varying weights
  • Hydrophobic
  • The best alternative for those allergic to other fabrics

How is fleece material made?

Fleece material is made of polyesters. Polyester fibers are made using advanced technology. They are created from ethylene glycol and terephthalic (made from petroleum). Polyester fibers are also made from reusable plastic bottles. The fibers are then warped into yam and then woven into the fabric. This fabric is brushed using wire brushes then trimmed to the needed length after which a smart finish is done.

What kind of fabric is fleece?

Fleece fabric comes in different textures and finishes. For instance, Berber fleece is a dotted multicolored fabric. It has a soft knotted surface. Shearling and Sherpa has a look and a feeling such as that of a lamb’s wool. Its surface area is curled. Plush fleece is a smooth fabric because the fiber is evenly trimmed.

What does Fleece feel like?

Polyester fleece is softer as compared to cotton fleece, when newly made. However, it feels coarser as it ages. On the other hand, cotton fleece has a rougher feeling when new as compared to polyester fleece, but it softens after some time. It is a versatile fabric and best for temperate weather. With cotton fleece, you can’t sweat during a casual walk because it doesn’t retain heat.

Wearing a fleece alone and letting it come into contact with your skin can make you feel very uncomfortable because of the course fiber utilized in thick fleece.

Is fleece good for cold weather?

Fleece, whether made from cotton, polyester or any other fiber is soft, thick and warm and therefore a good choice in cold weather. It has wicking properties that help in eliminating any absorbed moisture. Moreover, it dries very fast meaning that however small amount of sunlight that appears is enough to dry it.

Is fleece as warm as wool?

In a dry season such as summer, wool is warmer than fleece because it retains heat. However, in winter, wool will absorb moisture and preserve it instead of wicking it to an inner soaker or the exterior surface as does fleece. Therefore fleece will be much warmer than wool in the winter season. However, wool is heavier than fleece, and you can be tempted to think it is much warmer.

Why is fleece warm?

The reason why fleece is quite warm is that it develops a comfortable layer by allowing air to enter its pockets found between its fibers. It helps to warm the air using your natural body heat. Its wicking properties assist in the removal of any absorbed moisture or excessive heat. It is, therefore, useful during the cold and warm season. 

How does fleece work?

It develops an essential layer of insulation by allowing air to get into the pockets found between its fibers. It assists in warming the air coming from the natural body heat.

Does fleece shrink?

Fleece doesn’t shrink because it’s made from reusable plastic bottles. However, if washed with very hot water, it can stretch but not shrink.

Can fleece get wet?

Yes, fleece can get wet, but it wicks when damp and dries fast.

Are fleece and polyester the same thing?

Fleece and polyester are the same thing. Fleece is made from polyester.  Polyester is used in many varieties of fabric, fleece included. However, whether fleece is made from polyester or another fabric it is thick, warm and soft.

Is fleece warmer than polyester?

Polyester is the fabric that makes fleece. Polyester fleece is durable and quite warm. It is also breathable meaning it won’t retain heat during hot weather.

Is fleece better than cotton?

Yes, fleece is better than cotton. Compared to fleece, cotton does not wick when wet. It absorbs moisture and does not have any wicking properties. It means that when wet it will remain wet and can keep you or the baby wet for a very long time. During hot weather, cotton will absorb heat and retain it, unlike fleece which is versatile and has breathable and wicking properties.

Is Velboa warmer than fleece?

No fleece is warmer as compared to velboa.

What’s the difference between Sherpa and fleece?

Sherpa looks and feels like a sheepskin. It’s quite warm and made of wool. On the other hand, Fleece is made from synthetic material. It does not retain heat and has wicking properties.

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